Why isn't my Revolut payment option functioning correctly?

Why isn't my Revolut payment option functioning correctly?

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Hi all,


I have an issue that i can't quite figure out, and i would really appreciate some help.


On the store, we have the *Pay with card or your Revolut account* payment option, but it doesnt seem to be working.

I have done a test checkout, and it gets to the payment page where it says:


So i click through to "review order", but it doesnt let me enter card details etc:


If i click on "change", it just takes me back to the payment page (above), and still doesn't let me enter any payment details.


In the main Shopify account, i checked on the payment options just to make sure it was activated:



So now i am not sure how to rectify this.

Please can anyone offer some advice?


a link to the site if needed: O-VIDEO Ltd.

*please note the site is being worked on, so you may see language changes etc*


thank you!

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Hi, I have the same situation, did you find a solution?

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Hi, yes i figured it out at last. I had to go back into the account and re-accept the revolut pay terms again. It also can only be done by the 1 designated account holder that has access to the backend accounts section.

I hope this helps you too.