Why isn't PayPal Express functioning correctly?

Why isn't PayPal Express functioning correctly?

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Hey guys, i have a huge problem. I really need it resolved as fast as possible since im missing out on alot of sales.


I just got paypal payments and i ran into a problem, 


there is no express payment, and no guest purchase. which forces customers to make a paypal account. this really sucks. i dont know what to do, i chose express payment. 



Please someone help me
also paypal is registered in india, 

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Hey Alex,


Based on your screenshot, it's working like it's supposed to. 


When your customers click "Pay with PayPal" it'll bring up a box that looks like this:



If your customers click the button at the bottom ("Pay with a credit or Visa debit card") then they'll be able to complete their purchase without signing into a PayPal account. 


The "Express" part of this comes in if the customer already has a PayPal account -- in which case, they can just sign in, and then all of the fields will auto-populate (saving them time during the checkout process). 


If you're looking for a more integrated payment gateway (ie. so that customers don't have to leave your website, and all credit card info is collected via your checkout page), then you'd want to look into adding one of the payment gateways listed here (for store's based out of India): https://www.shopify.com/in/payment-gateways 


Your best option would be using Shopify's built-in payment gateway, called "Shopify Payments". This help doc has everything you need to know about setting up Shopify Payments: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/payments/shopify-payments/setting-up-shopify-payments 


Hope the above helps clarify things for you! 🙂




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usually there should be a button where they can pay on site with debit card, without having to click on paypal. thats what i'd like