Why was my account terminated even though I followed Shopify's rules?

Why was my account terminated even though I followed Shopify's rules?

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I opened up a Shopify store to rid off the collector putters I no longer want that I’ve been collecting the last 20 years. So I made an account to sell them, I’m not a business I’m just an individual selling my personal collector items. I opened the store on 3/2. Didn’t get my first putter order until,  Finally on 3/16 I received my first order. On 3/20 I was notified that my payouts were on hold for this “standard review” and to provide the documents asked but it wouldn’t affect my store or customers checking out. Basically encouraging me to rack up a balance . So I had another order on 3/20 from

someone  I had been communicating with for some days prior to

him finally committing. And my final order was 3/22. Theres nothing high risk whatsoever since these customers are looking for these specific putters they are buying . I have days and days of communication with these customers prior to the actual orders being placed. Customers even have their own little fraud precautions like a name and dated pic with the putter and the putters COA all in one pic so they can see the item

is actually in front of me. When the time came today that my payout was to be initiated to my bank, I  instead receive an email saying I violated AUP and my account was terminated . Number 1 , I’ve went over AUP 10 times, and still trying to locate the violation. That’s BS number 1 . BS number 2 is I was told my nature of products can’t be supported and my type of business can’t be supported, but funny because there’s a handful of the same type stores who sell the same exact items I do that can still use Shopify. So saying the business is high risk and Shopify doesn’t support those business is hog wash. And now that I think about it , feel very discriminated against. But that’s another subject . And second if you look at the analysis of all 3 of my transactions . All the info lines up how it should, and the indicators for fraud there is about 7 per transaction as to why they ARENT fraud or risky and the indicators say they are all in LOW tier . So there other reasoning, bogus . So my account has now wrongfully been terminated and I’d like my store back and I’d like my 8k in funds from my items that I’ve since shipped and fulfilled orders for because Shopify only reviews accounts once you start making money. Which is a little fishy to me. Before any person can accept a single payment , the standard review occurs only after people accumulate balances, and it legally should have to occur prior to a person being able to accept any form of payment. Shopify is made aware of the items being sold on each store during the initial application process, so if it’s so high risk. Why wasn’t it stopped and shot down right then and there. And not once I’ve shipped my orders. You’ve decided you guys THINK your holding my funds for 120 days. But I will be doing whatever I have to , to file a lawsuit and get my money without getting  screwed. The way this is ran ruins people’s livelihood and now since they have shut down my website . My customers I’m sure are going to try and get on my store and it’s gone and now their red flags are going up instantly and those funds that were being held will be disputed and are going to be given back to the customer even AFTER they still received my item . This is a joke. And it needs dealt with . I want my money. 

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did you ever get your money back? please answer me