Why won't my PayPal payment method activate on my online store?

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Every time I'm trying to activate PayPal express checkout it throws me to PayPal to grant permission and I accept, but on shopify nothing is changing and it's still asks me to activate again and then the whole process repeats itself.

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Hi there, @gmbsluxury.

Are you still experiencing this issue? If you are, one thing to double-check is which email address you have connected to the PayPal account on the Shopify side.

When you create a Shopify account, a PayPal Business account is also partially set up for you using the email address you used to sign up with Shopify. This is to make sure that if you wanted to open your store straight away, you will be covered to accept any sales you might make. If your PayPal account is made under a different email address, then the two will not be linked correctly, leading to the problem you are seeing right now. 

If you would like to switch this to a different account, you will need to disable the gateway, then enable it again. Disabling the gateway will unlink that initial account, then when you enable it again, it will prompt you to log into PayPal to link the account again. You can do this by following these steps: Go to Settings > Payment Providers > Edit > Deactivate. After this, you can enable the gateway again and will be prompted to log into the account of your choice. 

I trust this helps, thank you! 

Ivy | Social Care @ Shopify

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