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In my store, besides credit card and paypal, I have the wire transfer option (it's cheaper for me, since I don't pay fees) but a high percentage of customers never pay and the order remain with the status "payment pending" forever...

This also creates a problem: the stock. When a customer finishes an order, even if the payment status is pending, the stock is updated and the units removed. Is not rocket science that this could leave my store out of stock in some products unless I check the wire transfer orders and cancel them after "some days" if the payment is not done (in some cases the customer just forgot to pay and contacts me to make the order again...)

Any of you with the same problem?


Hi Benjamin,

So as I understand you, you need something that will cancel the unpaid order itself after a few days if it is not completed?

If yes...

You can solve that with a simple setting in Kindly (Payment Reminder App). Also, you can use this app to follow up with your customers and kindly ask for payment of the order.

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Kindly - Payment Reminder
Send reminders to recover forgotten orders.