Remix app with Proxy public route doesn't work properly (404 for assets, js, etc)

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There is a problem with Remix app template

I try to create custom app for my personal goals where I need 2 public pages.
I use 2 type of public pages;

  1. liquid - theme embed app
  2. html page - without theme layout simple page with some functionality

Here is the problem: 

When I go to page /app/my-app-name/custom-page I see that HTML was rendered because SSR works fine.
But all the app assets like js and css doesn't loaded because of build folder path problem, it directs to /build folder instead of /app/my-app-name/build

How can I fix it? 

I use this article - step by step, but it doesn't works properly.

Looks like there is a bug, and template doesn't works properly.


Help me please, I try to rewrite URLs, but no luck.


This looks like huge bug in remix app template.

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Hi @ConstantineDev  any luck with this issue?

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Check this - But it is only for full-page apps. I tried it; it works in development, but not on the production server.
For liquid better use client-only app.