Add a customer to a completed POS order

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It's been almost two years since this thread was created an this is still an issue. I have people that work for me who aren't as diligent about inputing customer info. There needs to be a simple way to add a customer to a transaction after it's been closed. This makes tracking their orders, how much they've spent, and other reports difficult to run because the customer's info is potentially in multiple locations, rather than one. Please fix this issue, and soon!

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Come on Shopify! You guys are clearly adding more and more POS users to your platform. It is becoming imperative that we have brick and mortar as well as online presence if we are to survive in this day and age of retail. Simple fixes like this should just be done, why wait until you piss off a bunch of customers before you do anything about it? The answer you guys always give is, "go check out this app" that costs us more money. I am spending around $150.00-$200.00 a month with Shopify and apps just to get the basic things i need to run a successful business. I am personally getting sick and tired of being nickle and dimed to death because you all want to pass the buck to some third party developer that half the time doesn't integrate correctly anyway. Please just fix our issues when they arise.

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I also need this feature desperately. Why is Shopify dropping the ball on this for over 2 years??!

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The inability to edit customer information on completed orders makes it impossible for me to implement a rewards system at this time. I have customers who appear as different names depending on which credit card they swipe, and if they use a different email address, forget it. I would love the ability to merge or edit customer accounts so that all of the customer's purchase history is in one place. The fact that this still isn't possible after multiple years of requests from Shopify users doesn't speak well of Shopify's data design and underlying architecture.

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Like many others, I'm still waiting on this feature....

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Wow - TWO years and this simple function hasn't been added?


So much for the customer service representative "suggesting" this feature to the devs.

I am having less and less faith that we will be using Shopify in the future.

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Shopify, please, please, address this issue.  It is ridiculous that after all these years, this most basic of functions is not available.  I am so tired of POS issues being unaddressed.  Meanwhile, other, less useful functions are being added all the time.  I am getting so annoyed with this being continually overlooked.

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We're just new with Shopify POS and we encountered problem at day one...! We would new that badly, as all ou staff is new with the software as well they forget (many times) to assign the client to the sale.


Also, this is needed for keeping track of each sale of a customer.


I would suggest also to add the possibility to force (by configuration) the employee to assign a sale to a customer.



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Hello? Anybody from Shopify reading this thread?


Its seems to me this feature to be very basic and simple to implements...


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While this is not a permanent fix by any means this does work to add a customer to a completed POS order.


1) Make sure the customer you want the order to go to has an email attached to the account if there is not one enter one. At our store if they do not have one we enter so we can add the POS order to the client.  

2) Copy the email address to the iPad or Tablet clipboard.

3) Open up the POS order that you want to add to the customer.

4) Select the receipt section and the option to send by email, paste in the email you have on the clipboard and send the receipt. This connects the order to the customer in the shopify system.

5) If you used a fake email remove the fake email from the customer account. Note that if you did use a fake email you will get a bounce back notice in your email box that it's not valid which you can delete and ignore. If you don't remove it you can not reuse that email. 


Hope this helps, we too have been wanting shopify to make the change however they basically have the same business model as Walmart, they are after numbers and unless 50% or more POS users quit showing solidarity on getting a new feature that does not generate new revenue it's highly unlikely it will get done.  As a side note I have not tested to see if the new SMS function for POS send receipt function works for this as well, it may not as only emails are unique in Shopify, several people can have the same mobile # in the system.