Add a customer to a completed POS order

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Wow! still nothing? We are considering moving to shopify POS & this may be a deal breaker for us. 

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Yeah. Just migrating from Vend because of its truly abysmal track record of resolving tiny but crucial workflow issues. I had hoped that Shopify would be better at listening to its customers- apparently not...
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Thank you so much! 

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I was looking for a solution as well when I found this post from 2015. Its Oct 2019, has anything been done on this? Now that reviews and CRMs are tied to email, it is REALLY a pain when email is not attached to an order. I have several POS orders that need email added. It's not always easy to get it while checking someone out. Please advise.

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Just ran across this old, long thread and would echo the sentiments. While you can tag a customer's e-mail and shipping address after the fact in the web admin, this doesn't actually link the real Shopify customer record with the order. Which is a big deal. For integration purposes we need to link these. Either that or if there was an option to require a customer to be identified for each POS transaction where the operator doesn't shoot themselves and us in the foot.

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Agreed with Greg.  Maybe in Canada they aren't concerned about getting the contact information for a customer that decides to pay with a personal check, because everybody has money and no checks bounce.  But in the US, personal checks sometimes are not good and a customer account/name/info really needs to be attached to that POS order.  The clerk ringing up the order is not happy when he/she forgets to do that, and the check bounces and the clerk ends up having to pay for that order.

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Please fix this. It's easy to forget to put in a customer in the POS app since it's not required to proceed. Can you please add functionality to add the customer post sale. I'd like to be able to keep track of my most loyal customers.

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It's hard to believe this hasn't been fixed! I really need to be able to add a customer to a completed order!!!

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Can't believe it.... first post about this problem was in 2015... What a shame!

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I want to put my vote in for this request!