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Am I the only one who has problems with customer management?

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We have a web store and a brick and mortar ( 90% of our revenue come through our B&M location, but we have lots of customer who buy online and in store. 

I really need a way to combine customers.  For example, I have a Char. Smith who has been a long time customer. In shopify, we have a Char Smith, a Charlotte Smith, and a All have transactions, all are the same person. None can be merged together. Best I can do is delete 2 of 3, and lose the transaction data. 


Am I the only one who has this problem with customer data in shopify? 


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Hiiii I just ran across your post. I'm having a similar problem. Most of my transactions are online but I still have customers who forget login info and just create another account. I can't seem to find a way to merge them either. Have you by chance found a solution? It seems we may have to implement a CRM in addition to Shopify?