Can I add a percentage fee for customizations on POS?

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I see on the POS settings that you can add a set amount for a fee. Is there anyway to add a percentage of the sale fee? I am looking to add a 20% customization fee that I could add to my products if a customer wanted it customized for them?

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I'm looking to add a 3% credit card fee and can't find anyway to accomplish this either.  We deliver most of our orders from POS so we invoice them with terms.  If they use a credit card we need to add the percentage at time of payment.  Has there been any response to this request.

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We are having the same issue. We have lost thousands of dollars this year because we haven't been able to charge a service fee. I think square let's its customers do this, why not Shopify? It would be so simple for them to add this feature

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All we get is support saying "try this app" or "that app." We've tried them all. None work. This is such a basic feature it's embarrassing that Shopify doesn't provide it natively.