Can I revert to my original POS system to save carts and do exchanges?

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Soooo..... Is there any way to go back to my original POS system?  This new app is no bueno.  

I now have to pay $89 more per month to be able to SAVE CARTS and do an EXCHANGE?????  Really???  That's ALL I want back.  I can't justify the $89 more per month but my employees are having a hard time with new app; mistakes are made and not saving carts on a busy day is really annoying.

During Covid times, Shopify thought this added cost was a good idea for small business owners???

I'm so disappointed but there's no way I can spend the time switching everything over to a new POS system. 

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Also the feature to scan discount codes at POS is now gone. It is not being held up at the high price point, it is completely gone from any Shopify POS. This is severely affecting our checkout time in our store with no answer from Shopify about this.

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Shopify doesn’t care about you’re wants and needs. They just want your extra $89 a month. 

I went through the same thing. Classic POS I was easy to use and simple. The new one is clunky and over complicated. Really poorly designed. I tried to get someone to listen but ultimately was told by a customer service rep to stop contacting them because nothing will change. Poor look even for a greedy shareholder pleasing corporation like Shopify.