can i use a Star POPPack all in one POS till bought off ebay?

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hi, ive been using the basic shopify pos tariff in my bricks and mortar shop for over a year which is great. i bought a barcode reader from you guys and link it to an ipad mini to scan products. i use a normal till to put cash through and a worldpay card machine, which doesnt give paper receipts. id like to start giving itemised receipts out to customers with each sale so was going to purchase one through shopify. an all in one set up costs about £300 which is a bit steep. after a search online i found a brand new star POPPack, the link ive pasted at end of this comment. it hasnt any details in the item details section, and im guessing its an older style POPPack than the ones advertised on shopify. can you tell me if this would work, or is it frowned upon by shopify? the seller offers a free return if its not right but my new shopify shop is going live in a week so i need to get it sorted quick.