Can large retailers with many SKUs effectively use Shopify POS?

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Hi Shopify Community,


We use Shopify for our online store and have a long history of using NCR Counterpoint for our in-store POS system and inventory tracking. We have multiple pet store locations across the United States and 15,000+ SKUs.


I'm curious for those with large SKU counts:


1. Is there a keyboard device that employees can use to pull up items? The iPad screens kind of scare me and make me think Shopify POS is really for small coffee shops, boutiques, etc. 


2. Are there any examples of medium sized to large retailers adopting Shopify POS for their stores? I couldn't find any online.


3. What was the migration effort like to move off of your existing POS system to Shopify?


We know our POS system is likely outdated and could be refreshed by Shopify (we love the online store features!) but I feel like it's built for more smaller boutique retailers or people who do retailing on the side. If anyone has personal stories or has great uses to share, that would be super helpful!




Pet Store Owner 


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