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Can mobile barcode printers work with Shopify?

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The warehouse where our stocks is stored does not have electricity.  Ideally, I'd like to get a label printer to print barcodes that is mobile with it's own power source.  Zebra makes one, ZQ600 Series ZQ610 and ZQ620 specifically.  In the help section on Shopify it says the only Zebra printers that are supported are the ZD220 and ZD420.

So I'm wondering if there are any options to be able to use the mobile printer with Shopidy, or if I would have to print the labels outside of Shopify.

Thank you

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hi did you get this sorted? I am having a similar issue

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We are also wanting mobile printing options! I wish they would support a mobile option for receipt Printing and one for barcode printing could be interesting as well!

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I know!! Ridiculous - I have spent hours trying to sort it out - shopify have been very vague and unhelpful - the inventory for shops and online was the main reason for using shopify - if I'd known it was this much trouble I would have used 2 different systems with a barcode partner who would have given me much more assistance and guidance. I am going to bite the Bulmer and buy the Zebra wireless printer (it's not supported in uk by shopify but is in the uk?? Why? Who knows!!) however the non wireless version is - I can't see any difference except it's wireless - hopefully it will work with the iPads in the shop. Watch this space .
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Were you able to get the mobile printer to work with Shopify? I'm looking to do something similar.