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So, obviously many of us are a little frustrated with not have a COGS option on the POS. I've been using Stitch Labs. While they might be a great alternative, they are expensive and do not offer phone support, unless you're paying them a ridiculous amount. I do like the ability to enter a purchase order with the cost of goods, but I continuously have issue with their inventory not keeping correct track. 

Let's help each other. 

What is everyone using? I do think, Shopify with resolve this issue and I think it's coming, but I don't want to pay another $125 to a third party to keep up with what I think should have already been implemented into our POS system. 

Anyone using Profiteer? 

Please help!

Thank you,


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Hi Jenny!

We won't be adding a cost of goods sold function into Shopify,  isn’t simple as there are many factors that go into that number and different methods of calculating it.

Companies spend enormous amounts of money trying to ensure their cost of good sold number is accurate. It’s half of the equation for your gross profit and goes directly on your financial statements. Obviously this is an incredibly important number to get right, and almost every company measures it a bit differently. We do not want to get this wrong and therefore we leave it to companies that are focused on financial data to measure this out. It seems to create more work, but in the long run it simplifies things by making sure that the data you have is accurate and measured based on the correct parameters rather than a catch-all style solution.

We do have some other alternatives in these apps, 
* DeepMine
* Intuit QuickBooks® Online

if you'd like to check them out. 

If you have any other questions, please let me know. 

Elissa // Shopify


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Hi Elissa,

Maybe a shift in thinking might help. Shopify is in the business of providing an eCommerce platform that makes it easy for retailers to be wildly successful. Data integrity is part of what you provide but relies in part on high-quality data input (our job). Therefore, how we calculate the cost of goods sold isn't the primary concern for Shopify. Leave that to the retailers to sort out and allow us to include that data at the product level.

Google Analytics has made it possible to create all sorts of custom data analysis and it only makes sense that to include product cost as one of the pieces of data. 

I would highly encourage the inclusion of a product cost field that can be accessed by other applications. 

Thank you for consideration of this request!

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I totally agree with KBMABQ.  At the very least adding a product cost field into the product record would enable us to use that data as is, or transform it to calculate margin.

Any pressure you can apply to get his added to the roadmap would be much appreciated.



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As Elissa explained getting this native is unlikely. It is up to merchants to customize thier tools at this boundary.

Simplest pattern is using metafeilds to store a single value then work out the rest of your data automations from there

There are now so many apps that very specific business models can be covered, but you have to do the systemization|identification yourself or delegate it to someone else.

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Are you kidding me?!?!?! Nobody is asking for complicated reports or calculations, and we're not asking for you top provide a full accounting software solution. All we want is one little feild for COGS. Then we can export it and do whatever we want with it. This is a feature that a ton of people clearly want. I am dumbfounded as to why Shopify refuses to give it to us. VERY very disappointed.

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Mary Savoca, the situation is more than 1 simple field, what you need for a COGS is not what other companies need, as Elissa explained in the 2nd reply in this topic. This effects everything from the online admin to the POS to the online storefront because it becomes part of the api.

Until this changes using compare-at-price*,product tags*,metafields, or unused-csv-columns* are the pattern to go with that get you a COGS solution TODAY working with your backoffice.


*warning: some objects are public to be accessible for the api

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But yet they recommend us to use an app like profiteer which also only gives us 1 option to calculate the COGS, which most likely is the option that 99% of us want anways.

Why not just give us this option and make it optional for people whether they want to use it or not... 

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Missing COGS and missing CIM integration is a deal breaker for us. Going with WooCommerce which allows us to do both - was hoping to switch but it just won't work out.

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Hi All,

If you are looking for an easy way to add COGS store we have built an app to solve this problem after finding the current support lacking for our own store

Delirious Profit profit provides an easy way for you to add COGS to your store for only $5 dollars a month.

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