Experience for store staff with Shopify POS with Authorize.net

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Hi there,

We are planning to use Shopify POS with Authorize.net as third-party gateway.


If we setup the POS with iPad, certified Tap & Chip Reader and Authorize.net.

How does a store staff operate the POS screen like below?



 - "Credit card" section will activate?

 - And Tap & Chip Reader will activate when "Credit card" section is clicked by store staff and the total amount has been set automatically?

 - The customer insert or tap their credit card, then payment process will start and complete automatically? 

 - The POS screen will show "The Order as Paid"?


I just want to know that when we select Authorize.net as gateway, the POS can provide us the same experience as with Shopify Payment?


Best regards,

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