Experiencing bugs in the latest POS update: what are your solutions?

Experiencing bugs in the latest POS update: what are your solutions?

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Got a handful of new issues I've noticed ever since updating to the new POS...


* I already mentioned this here, but the animated total feature is more annoying than "cute".


* Since I have over 5000 products in my shop, I mostly just use the search feature, which seems to have gotten much worse after the update. 

  1. Upon clicking the search box, I get a "Recent Products Sold" list, which is somewhat helpful, but if you have multiple variants of an item, it only lists the specific variant of the recently-sold products, which makes it much less useful.
  2. So then I find the product I need and click it, and the screen just sits there with a small "Go to cart" link at the bottom. Can we please make it so that it just goes straight to the cart after picking the product? Or at least make that an option in settings, so that whoever finds it useful can keep that?
  3. What I mentioned in #2 also applies to when you've gone into the secondary variant screen for a product; I have to manually hit go to cart to get anywhere.
  4. Once I have at least one product in the cart, any further time I run a search and then minimize the keyboard so I can actually see the results, that same "go to cart" button just sits there in the middle of the screen for anywhere from 1-4 seconds before it goes to the bottom and lets me scroll.

* The other thing I regularly use is "Custom Sale", but my only question here is what happened to the "00" key for the price field? I used that constantly, since I don't buy into that $*.99 nonsense. Can that please be restored?


I think that's it for now...



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