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Fix data transfer between ShopifyPOS & Shopify

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Hi There,


Customers prefer us to ship products they purchase via ShopifyPOS about 60% of the time. But when we open orders created by ShopifyPOS in Shopify, there's no address. This requires a tedious, time-consuming process to get  addresses into Shopify so we can ship them, see screenshots below.


1. When we open orders created in POS, there's no address...

The order contains no addressThe order contains no address

2. After clicking 'Edit Address', and choosing the POS address via the 'Select another address' dropdown, it's always missing the Country and Phone. Now we have to manually type these in - even though the data already exists in POS...

The missing info is already in Shopify, please transfer it automatiallyThe missing info is already in Shopify, please transfer it automatially

3. Often, the country field causes the Region field to be blank, causing another error and more pointing and clicking...

The country field often removes the region, causing a separate error and more manual data workThe country field often removes the region, causing a separate error and more manual data work

4. After finally entering the address, we're greeted with a screen where product detail lines are missing! Forcing another manual step to refresh the browser window...

After saving the address, there's NO ORDER DETAILSAfter saving the address, there's NO ORDER DETAILS

5. Now imagine you have to do this for 20-30 orders per day, sometimes more when you've had a really successful pop-up sale - incredibly frustrating sorry.


I've reported many basic issues like this previously both here and via support (often on multiple occasions). But after years of waiting, they go into the Shopify void. One Shopify employee on these forums had the cheek to say that I was just airing grievances.


6. Who is ShopifyPOS for?

We're a small online business who regularly has pop-up sales. The marketing around ShopifyPOS makes ShopifyPOS seem like it's the perfect companion - we're two people with the occasional friend who helps out.


But there are basic time-consuming issues with ShopifyPOS, many of which crop up when a customer changes their mind... e.g. you can't edit an order.  Or if a customer forgets they've signed up to your newsletter, ShopifyPOS complains their email already exists, forcing you (and your customer) to re-enter all their details again.


7. ShopifyPOS annoys customers

This stuff can infuriate customers in 2020 - and they're right to get frustrated. While Shopify staff are polite and thank you for pointing problems out, NOTHING CHANGES. There are multiple, long-standing threads, sometimes with 100s of posts going back years but stuff still doesn't get fixed.


What gives?


8. Take a leadership role

Instead of the 'design by committee' approach where changes only happen if most people voice concerns, how about taking more of a leadership role and changing stuff because it frustrate customers - isn't this the No.1 thing to get right in retail?


Do Shopify staff making key decisions around development resources have any idea how these issues effect customer experience? Try working a busy and successful pop-up sale, with a product that needs to be shipped. It will revolutionise your thinking on what really matters.


P.S. Somehow this post got posted using a different account even though I'm logged into my store. Not sure why.

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