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Forecourt Management/Fuel Console integrations

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A question for the hive mind.


Has anyone integrated a Forecourt Management System (Fuel sales, petrol, Diesel etc from Bowsers/Pumps) with Shopify POS?


We are a tackle store, but have 3 pumps out the front, and we have a significant number of fuel sales.  During the recent bushfires, we experienced an extended power outage and our antique fuel console (tells us how much fuel the customer has purchased) had a coronary while running on the Generator.


We are looking at options for replacement consoles, and while there are many with embedded POS, we have a significant investment in our Shopify POS instance, and as a lazy IT nerd, I would prefer a solution that doesn't require me to produce and exchange data via .csv files at hourly intervals, as our inventory management is handled within Shopify for the non-fuel products.


I would be delighted to hear from anyone running a convenience store or similar to understand what direction you have taken, and your perspective on the outcomes you have achieved.


Thanks in advance,





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