How can I automate size selection for clothing variants using barcodes?

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I have different barcodes for different sizes of the same clothing product. The scanner brings me to the product, and requires a variant (size) selection. This means I'm dependent on my employees to select the correct size or else my inventory could be inaccurate. Is there a way to have the variant automatically select, am I doing something wrong? Thanks!


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Hi, did you have this resolved? I purchased the Shopify recommended barcode scanner S740 and still faces the same problem. If you have a solution, please do share as it is important for my staff to be able to scan the variant product and be brought straight to it instead of having to select it from the primary product.

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I have this problem too. The variants each have a unique barcode/upc, but when you search for the barcode, the result returned is the parent product, so staff have to click through to find the right variant. Which then is almost as slow as just searching for the product manually to begin with, without using the barcode at all, plus more error-prone.