How can I find a POS loyalty app that enrolls customers by phone number?

How can I find a POS loyalty app that enrolls customers by phone number?

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I feel like I have looked at every possible app that works with Shopify POS. Currently trying to migrate over to Shopify POS to have all my products streamlined, from Clover. However, Clovers Reward App which we love for its simplicity tracks by Phone Number and we can enroll right from the cart. I cannot find an app that will do the same on Shopify POS? Everything is go to the website and enroll, I won't get customers to enroll this way?


Any ideas???

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We've been using the Smile loyalty app on Shopify POS over the last 12 months. There were initially some issues with guest logins via Shopify POS, however they've since resolved those problems and it all works really well now (with a setting you have to enable in their preferences). I'd recommend you check them out, you can enrol customers straight from the POS.

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Very happy with Smile, been using it for several years now

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I currently use Lightspeed POS Loyalty Rewards with SMS Marketing.  I was told by Shopify Sales person that Shopify POS can do the same thing.  I've had no help from Shopify to get answers before setting up.  I just setup Smile on my website.

Here's my question and what Lightspeed is doing for me:

When a customer checks out in my retail store.  We can add them to our loyalty program.  At that time we can gather phone number and email.  For every purchase in the store.  The customer receives points that can be converted into store credit on next purchase.  When a customer receives a reward.  They receive a SMS message that they received a reward. 

Here's my next question and what Lightspeed is doing for me:

I can SMS my retail customers a text message when I want.  This could be a message that we received new product or having an event.  I basically pay for so many text a month.


I hope all this make sense.  Can Shopify POS and Smile do all this?  Checking before I cancel Lightspeed and disappointed they can't?

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Does smile have features for customers to refer other customers?