How can I manage inventory with custom barcodes in Shopify?

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Hello Hello,


I run a specialty meat market. My meat comes in pre-packaged and labeled. Each piece comes with a unique barcode that references the type of cut and the weight of the cut. I'm trying to understand if these barcodes can be used to manage my inventory within Shopify. 


From what I can tell at this moment you are only able to associate one barcode per product within shopify. 


Any insights on this would be incredibly beneficial. 


Thank you. 



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Hey @chusmeatmarket,

I recommend you try the "Serial number" feature on our Multi Source Inventory (MSI) and ConnectPOS app.
Understanding customers' struggle with limited inventory on Shopify, we are glad to present the unique feature that helps you to better manage inventory.
1. Using Multi Source Inventory (MSI):
You can save and manage 1 SKU with different serial numbers using MSI. In the near future, MSI will be fully open to developing more features of expiry dates and attributes of each serial number.
2. Using ConnectPOS:
Orders can record or select from serial numbers (If you use POS, it can be recorded only. MSI can do both)
In terms of selling meat like your business, sometimes you might need to sell separately, for example, 1.2lb instead of a whole bag. Then we also support decimal numbers when you combine our POS with MSI.

You can contact us 24/7 for more information!

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