How can I scan and link product barcodes to my online store?

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Hi, almost all the products in my (physical) store have barcodes already on them. How do I scan these in and associate them with the product in my online shop?

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Hi @StitchnKnit 


Our Shopify app EasyScan is great for quickly adding existing barcodes to your products. We even have a specific page in our app for it. Head to "Manage barcodes" and click "Existing barcodes and SKUs".  

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more or download the free 10-day trial.

You can use a smartphone camera or any other barcode scanner!



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We need this too. In general, Shopify products need the ability to have more than one barcode. We get the same sku from multiple vendors, so need to add all of those vendor's codes to the same sku. We've worked around it by adding completely new products, but now we just have a bunch of duplicates. 

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Hi @Lawson_Thalmann ! Do you mind if I ask what system you use for scanning product barcodes, importing the product information, and then uploading to Shopify? I own a very small business, but am starting to get a lot more products, so manually entering one-by-one is starting to become very cumbersome! Is there such a system that can import the product's info either by 1d or 2d barcode to make my life easier? I appreciate your time!