How can I sell physical gift cards through POS?

How can I sell physical gift cards through POS?

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I’m trying to be able to sell physical gift cards through pos but when I go to settings and then gift cards it doesn’t show me any option to turn on physical gift cards . If only says no gift cards added but I have gift cards already added to my Shopify admin and have made sure the pos salsa channel is active too but not shows up in pos. What am I doing wrong . I need to get this setup ASAP.

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Hello @kev911 ,


Make sure the "Gift Cards" setting is turned on, and that the gift card types you want to sell (e.g. physical or digital) are selected.

If the "Gift cards" feature is listed but you still don't see the option to enable physical gift cards, here are the steps to turn on physical gift cards:

  1. Go to Shopify panel -> Settings -> "Gift Cards"
  2. Scroll down to the "Physical gift cards" section and click "Enable".
  3. Enter the details for your physical gift cards, including the design, currency, and denominations.
  4. Save and test

Hope these can help. Please let us know if you have any further questions.



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Not seeing anywhere to enable physical gift cards. When I go to settings through Shopify pos and go to gift card products there is nothing listed. Only says no gift card added and has a link to add gift card product . When I click on link it opens up Shopify admin app and goes to gift card products where I already have a gift card added to there. 
there is no where in my pos or admin to enable physical gift cards. I’m on Shopify basic plan do I need to upgrade?

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Here is screen shot


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Same issue. Any update?

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I am having the same issue.  Was this resolved?  I don't see any option to add physical gift cards via the POS or the Admin.

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Same issue here as well. Nowhere to scroll down to, to enable 'physical gift cards,'


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I was having the same issue but I found a work around. The option to turn on physical gift cards wasn't showing up on my ipad but it did show up on my android phone's POS app. Once I activated it on my phone the ipad app allowed the sale of physical cards. Hope this helps.