How can I show retail availability vs shipable items online?

How can I show retail availability vs shipable items online?

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One thing I am struggling with is that we have inventory at our retail location that is not ship easy and I'd rather not sell it online. But would like our local customers to be able to see that we have these items. Mainly pallet based products.

Is there a way to have a function that shows retail availability vs Shipables?

Similar to the big box stores.

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We had a guy from Storetasker write a script that we could activate with a tag and the shopping cart doesn't show up on items.  So if you sync inventories, it will still show active as long as you have them in inventory.  About $75.00 to do it. 

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We set our non-shippable items (frozen goods) to be ineligible for shipping, but eligible for in store pick up. Everything shows on the POS system in store. This is one of the (rare) cases where you have control over the system, but again it's a big work around. We removed everything from default shipping, and set everything manually to carrier shipping. Then within the products, we manually selected each product to either be "in carrier shipping" (you can buy this for shipping) or "in general shipping" (available to buy online for local delivery or pick up only). Then there are defaults where it says 'doesn't ship' which means we forgot to click 'this is a physical product'. When I called in originally to get help with loading items into the csv to put up, I was told if I said no to the shipable column that it would be setting this up as you and I expect it (available for pick up or delivery) but what that actually does is sets it as a non physical product and they can't buy it online for pick up or local delivery. You need to use this work around to make that happen.