How do you manage promotional returns in POS systems?

How do you manage promotional returns in POS systems?

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We have been experimenting with different promotions manager apps for both our online store and POS. We have found a few that work well and cover most of what we need. Our concern is the return side of things. When returning items from a promotion receipt Shopify POS does not limit the return. For example if a customer is returning the full priced item from a BOGO sale, they get the full refund without considering the discounted item. This means they get a discount on items without having to meet the qualifications. We haven't noticed our customers abusing this, but it does happen and we would like to prevent it. 


Does anyone have a solution they are using? Is there a feature in Shopify POS we are not aware of? Is there an app that can manage this? Is there a way to track this behavior?


Are you worried about scenarios like this as retailers? What are your return policies for promotions like BOGO?


Are your customers utilizing of loopholes like this?


Thank you!

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Did you ever get an answer for this?