How does QR Labeler simplify retail price labeling?

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I’d like to share our retail price labelling solution that has proven to simplify retail store's labelling needs.


Our solution, the QR Labeler (, offers numerous benefits for retailers.

It enhances store aesthetics by providing a sleek and modern look for your price labels, which is fully customisable with no limitations.


It also includes a QR code that links directly to the product's webpage on your store's website. This allows customers to easily access information on product options and related products while in the store.


QR Labeler also provides valuable insights for store operators. By collecting data from in-store QR scans using familiar analytics tools, store operators can gain insight into customer behaviour and make informed decisions about product placement and marketing strategies.


Our solution is designed for all types of retail stores and significantly simplifies price label management.


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This is a cool product, but will it work on the POS as that requires the barcode number to pull into the POS cart?
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Hello Retail-King,


The QR Labeler App uses either an SKU, UPC, or text description to find a product on the store's website. Once found, the app extracts product-related information from the website. This product information, such as sales price, retail price, product name, SKU, and UPC, is then used to create a price/barcode label with a QR code linked to the product webpage.

The QR Labeler solution is independent of POS systems, relying solely on website data to create and update product labels.


To learn more about the QR Labeler solution, I invite you to schedule a free 30-minute "QR Labeler Solution - Introduction" session using our contact us webpage:


Thank you,

James Anderson

QR Labeler Support Team


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