How to sync Retail Express SKU with Shopify SKU without deleting product info?

How to sync Retail Express SKU with Shopify SKU without deleting product info?

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I am integrating Retail Express with Shopify, and they won't sync as the Retail Express Supplier SKU does not match the Shopify SKU.

When we first setup Shopify we did not complete the SKU field, we just added Barcodes. I thought that we might just copy the Barcodes into the SKU column.

However, we recently added the Retail Barcode Generator App to our Shopify website. It seems to have changed all the barcodes instead of those which did not have barcodes.

I was wondering if there is a specific Mass Download of products from Shopify that I could copy all the Mass Upload info from Retail Express into, and upload the lot to Shopify again so that they will sync.

I want to try to keep all the Product Descriptions, Images and SEO information on the website, consequently I am trying to avoid deleting everything from Shopify and just uploading the Retail Express basic descriptions etc.



Geoff Hopkins

National Workwear


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We have a similar situation,

Have you found a fix to this?



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Hi Shelley,


We did not find a solution. In fact we have a team correcting the barcodes and duplicating them into the SKU's location as well as barcode location, just in case we switch POS systems going forward. With over 50,000 SKU's to correct and check, it is taking months to complete!

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Hi Geoff,

We recently helped a big Australian brand to resolve a similar issue after customising their integration. Unfortunately most integrations will take SKU as a common identifier but by customisation you can use other fields like SKU 2, Supplier SKU, Product ID etc.

As far as you have some sort of common identifier in both systems the process is a lot easier if not then we have to look at alternative methods to and there will still be some manual work involved but bulk of it can be automated based on product name, price, description etc.

Or if you have supplier barcodes in REX then you will be able to generate that for all products in Shopify as well.

Anyway, if you still need help with this feel free to contact on 

Kind Regards,
Team SAAS Integrator