How to transfer and track inventory from Clover to Shopify?

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I am in the US. I have a fabric and gift shop.

I currently use Clover for the POS and have a separate website that goes thru WooCommerce.

We have grown to the point that we need a system that will allow us to track inventory. (Fabric is sold by the yard, .5, .25, etc). Clover will not do the division or calculation. 


Right now between Clover and the website cost, I'm close to $500 per month.


Has anyone left Clover, transferred all the information from Clover and their website to Shopify?


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Hi there, @Edie1


Welcome to the Community! Definitely a great place to gather some input regarding anything about the platform! Thank you as well for thinking of Shopify during this time of growth in your business. More importantly, congratulations on this milestone as I am certain it didn't come without its fair share of challenges and hurdles. 


As for Shopify, I always recommend to prospective members to give our 14 day free trial a shot as it is a great way to get a firsthand feel of the platform, our features, and how we can help you manage and further expand your fabric and gift store.  I have also included some great resources to help you get started with the information you are looking for to make a proper decision during this transition: 



I look forward to seeing other contributors provide their own experiences when it comes to this move you are thinking of. Please do let me know if there are other questions about the platform that I can answer for you or information that needs further clarification. 


All the best to you and welcome to Shopify!

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