Is Shopify POS legal in Europe?

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I was planning on offering Shopify POS to my clients. However, I am based in Europe and I came across this disuccsion (and this one) questioning the system's legality in Europe.

Apparently, the system may not be legal in Europe because it was not certified by the countries' tax authority. Does anyone have more information about this? Also, if Shopify POS is indeed not certificed in Europe, is it pertaining to the credit card terminal only (which is not compatible with European credit cards anyways), or to the POS app as well? 

It would be nice if Shopify could provide some sort of official documentation validating the legality of the POS system in Europe, because I don't think I would propose it to my clients otherwise. 

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Michael,

Here's some more details on using the POS in Europe: