Is there a better POS system than Shopify for retail stores?

Is there a better POS system than Shopify for retail stores?

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Our retail store is opening soon and looking at POS systems.  I do not hear anything good about Shopify POS.  We use Shopify for ecomm.  Anyone not use Shopify POS and go to something else but still use Shopify for ecomm?   Thanks  

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Hi @Jlook,

If you're looking for a POS system that is fully integrated with Shopify, ConnectPOS will be the perfect solution! Trusted by more than 1000 retailers, ConnectPOS create a seamless omnichannel solution between your Shopify online platform with brick-and-mortar store thanks to these features:

  • Real-time synchronization between online and offline platforms. Synced data includes orders, customers, products and inventory
  • Offline mode to support your performance even when there's no Internet
  • Compatible with multiple devices (PC, Android, iOS)
  • Limitless customization capabilities: We are ready to integrate payment gateways, loyalty programs, CRM for your tailor-made experience
  • Advanced orders feature: We support draft orders, refund and exchange
  • Multi-location and inventory management

Our team is ready 24/7 to support your omnichannel journey. Book a demo at or try for 14 days free here.

ConnectPOS - Shopify POS app for PC, Android, iOS, omnichannel retail, inventory control.

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we recently moved all inventory to Shopify POS and e-commerce from another platform. I really appreciate the simplicity of Shopify POS and having been in retail for 30+ years, I can honestly say it’s the best POS system I have worked with. All the best with whatever you choose.