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Local Pickup and Local Deliver options in POS

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We are brick and mortar pet shop. During COVID I created a website so customers could continue buying while the shop was closed and use the local delivery and local pickup options. It has been extremely popular and I can see it continuing for a long time. Due to stock issues I am looking at using Shopify POS In store. However with the shop still closed we have customers who are unable to use the web and phone in orders, we would like to place these orders using POS but there does not seem the ability to create and order and place it into the Local Delivery or Local Collection queue in Shopify admin so that we can process the orders in the same way as web orders.

help appreciated 

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Hi, we are a Shopify Partner helping businesses with e-commerce solutions. In regards to your question, have you found the proper solution yet? The Shopify POS app, it's designed for the scenario when the customer is physically in the store so that the transaction can be completed right away. I would recommend using store admin to create order, and with local delivery or pickup tag respectively.

However, there might be other apps that can help you get these done automatically. It depends on which feature you are looking into, is it the feature of order status update and automatic notification to customers, or the local delivery process planning feature?  

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