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Offline customers in shopify admin

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Hi everyone!

Our company is developing apps for shopify stores and one of these apps is about SMS marketing.

So we have a tab in our app called 'segments', where our clients can import and categorize their customers (add their pone numbers, country, city, email etc)

it looks like this:2020-06-08_14-05-31.png

moreover they can create their own segments and categorize customers on how much they spent/from what country they are from and etc

But on weekends we got a client who had difficulties. cos he told me that they have a lot of customers in their shopify admin, and these customers are not only from ONLINE stores, but also there are people who bought OFFLINE.

we didn't even know that shopify can add offline customers to 'customers' (on admin panel with their contact and other information)

and we got difficulties on how to specify these clients and for example to create a segment.

how is this happening? how do these customers differ (online and offline)

This is the question. I hope I will get some help from you guys.



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They have offline orders maybe because they use POS app to sync online and offline orders.

When an order is placed in their brick-mortar store, the order will be listed within Shopify order list, and inventory also updates accordingly. 

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