Partial payment on POS as Real order on Dashboard

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Partial payments at the POS show in the Order summary in the Shopify dashboard (even if the "partially paid" amoun is ZERO). That doesn't make sense, since nothing was paid, but those figures show in my dashboard as sales that didn't happen.

- Can we, at least, limit that permission for store employees?

- How do we cancel the existing ones so they don't show up and don't take inventory; but most importantly that don't alter the real sales numbers?

- The refund option seems unreal since there was no money exchanged in the first place.

Thank you!

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Hi Jose,

Britton here with the Shopify support team.

At the present time there is no way to limit your staff from using the partial payment function on the POS. You can find a full list of the ways in which you can limit POS staff permissions here:

The only way to restock inventory from an order is to cancel it. When you cancel you can choose how much money you want to refund as well as if you want to restock. Just remember: by default cancelling will also refund the full amount. We have some documentation on that here:

I hope that helps you get your inventory back to normal!


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We have been using the Retail POS for three mnths now. The whole layaway part is totally flawed. We create an order on Monday, mark it as partially paid, then when we take full payment on Friday, that payment does not show up on our daily register shift totals. I was wondering if we can hire someone to customize our Retail POS App. Our daily bookkeeping is off everyday. We have over $140,000 in layaways. Every time someone makes a payment on a previously created order, there is no new date by the new payment. I'm not sure if i should have posted this here or on a new thread.

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It's been a while, but did you manage to fix this?  If I am correct, the problem is: On day 1 you get a partial payment and it appears in the daly shift total as it should. Then you get a second payment on day 10, but the paid amount changes tha daly shift total for day 1, instead of adding to that daly shift total of day 10.