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POS and scanning products

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I am new to Shopify and so far I am not all that impressed unless I am just not getting the whole system?


I was sold on the whole move to IPAD system from having old school computers which were about to die on me, but we practically operated solely on barcodes and scanners. So I bought the Socket as recommended for each location and label printers at each location so we could print our own.


The system arrived and looks very impressive until you actually try do anything. Firstly what no one tells you and even in these forums is that you will also still require a computer, so if your intention was to replace them then you have a problem. The label printer only works via USB on a computer. And then what makes matters worse is the fancy little barcode scanner ONLY works on the Shopify app, not in Stocky or the Shopify website. And the transfers to receive stock is only available in the website and not the POS app, which means you cannot receive items by scanning them into stock. No problem, try use Stocky......again, Stocky only accepts the USB scanner attached to a computer. So really the fancy scanner can only check items out at sale time, otherwise you will need another scanner which is attached to a computer to do anything else.


I really do not understand why I would have an IPAD and then duplicate everything by having a computer as well, some of my locations don't even have a backroom so where does the computer to the IPAD on a tiny check out desk just so I can scan and print barcodes? And when I call support they don't even know what I'm talking about until it goes up the ladder to some expert an hour later. I've had this system 5 days and I feel I have just gone backwards and not improved from my previous system, it seems I would have been better off spending my money on new computers instead of all this hardware and IPADS that can only be used at checkout.


There are apps for scanning but again, the fancy scanner doesn't work, and although you can use the iPad camera which is a bulky thing or your phone, I cannot ask my employees to use their own phones and download a bunch of apps if they want to work here. Plus it isn't even working for me either, apparently this does work for some people but mine doesn't recognise the barcodes in Shopify so I have to contact the scanner app customer service to fix it. This system is purely an e-commerce system and they haven't made the switch to a brick and mortar store POS yet in my mind, they have a lot of work to do before they get there, the app also keeps freezing when trying to check out people and customers have to wait or leave and we email their receipt later.


Until all this is fixed I recommend that you do not get rid of computers and get a bigger checkout desk or build an office in the back of the store and have a spare employee sit there to receive inventory. Not sure if I am the only one who is expecting more out of something here but even if all I do here is warn people that the IPAD thing is just to check items out to customers, because no-one tells you it won't work with scanners and label printers.



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I can't imagine trying to operate my business's three front counter only. What business doesn't have a backroom? Or an office?

While it would be appreciated if they allowed me to print barcodes from the POS or admin app, I appreciate the speed of a keyboard and mouse. I am quite happy to have the computer to print barcodes, edit products, accept transfers, etc.

If space is such an issue would it be convenient for you to purchase a cheap Chromebook that you can close and slide under the counter and pull out and open up when you need to work on products, print barcodes or accept transfers?
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