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POS Hardware Recommendations For International (Non-US) Stores

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Hi everyone,

My company currently has both our Shopify Plus online store as well as office-based showrooms in a number of locations throughout Asia-Pacific. Currently we only use our showrooms to show off to customers, and if they are retail we advise them to then go and place an order on the store. However, I would like to investigate the possibility of adding in POS functionality within the showrooms so that we can take payment immediately. Our products are produced custom-made and we don't keep any saleable inventory in the showrooms, (so we don't need to sync that or customer profiles), we just need to capture the payment so we can pass the order to our back-end ERP for processing. I noticed that the shopify POS is only made for US/CA stores so wondering what people are using for international stores, and if it is even necessary to set up a separate POS integration/channel, or if we just find a way to take payment externally in a way that isn't synced at all with shopify and then enter a manual draft order into our store back-end. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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