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At present, Shopify POS has a limitation on the amount of exchanges allowable. It only allows one exchange on a transaction.



If a customer purchases a pair of shoes, comes and swaps them for another size, and then decides that they want another shoe altogether. This isn't an odd purchase pattern, and occurs for one particular client at least twice a week.


The first exchange occurs as per normal, generating a new receipt etc. If you try to exchange the second order, it will not give the option of exchange and will only allow a refund on the Shopify admin. As the first exchange runs on 'exchange credit' however, if you do a refund it will not match up with the actual refund type (cash / credit / etc.). To me this seems like the exchange method is flawed and inflexible for real life retailer scenarios.


Shopify Support recommended using draft orders. This doesn't really fix my issue on POS, nor does it make sense to do - we can't anticipate which clients will want to do multiple exchanges. My only conclusion is that my client should refund every exchange and resell as a new product (which from memory is basically what they expected a merchant to do prior to the exchange function existing?). Has anyone else encountered this, and found a good workaround - this is going to be a dealbreaker for my client, who is already unimpressed with Shopify as a POS solution.

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Huge issue with this right now. Customer is demanding their money and we have no clue what to do with the Exchange Credit BS. I guess we need to start looking for a new POS since this is not the only issue we encountered the last year and a half we have been using it.

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Hang in there.
Go into the original sale and refund the customer. Don’t select a product
to refund, just choose the amount that you want to credit them. Then make
sure you offset that refund against the exchange credit in your accounts.
Shopify really need to allow refunds on exchanges.
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Any update on this issue @Shopify?

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Also waiting for a reply. Is it being worked on?
We need multiple exchanges. We run a sporting goods retail store. Our customers exchange quite often. 

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One of my merchants is also having issues with this same process. It is really inconvenient as in some cases the Clerk issuing the second exchange has a POS Login, but is not a Registered User in the Shopify Back Office App. This then requires a Shift Lead to do the exchange, and as stated we can't print a receipt through the Thermal Receipt printer for the customer. A better solution needs to be put in place here.

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YES, this is a huge problem. Shopify POS needs to allow infinite exchanges or at least something with plenty of buffer room like 10 exchanges. We regularly have customers who want to exchange and exchange. I don't think we've ever gotten to an exchange of an exchange of an exchange yet, but I'm sure it'll happen some day. Please help, Shopify.


Also: the new POS doesn't allow for shipping to be added to an exchange on POS. You can mark it as unfulfilled, but you can't enter a shipping address or select a shipping service. This is a problem too, and one that didn't exist with the old POS.

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Shopify, has there been any update on this? In checking the most recent release notes I am still not seeing any improvement on this. Which is something that one of my stores experience at least a couple of times per month.

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Still not fixed....

Totally unhappy....

This system of exchanging just does not work for us......

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This makes sense - thank you.

"Then make sure you offset that refund against the exchange credit in your accounts." Are you able to further explain? 

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Also there no way to put an exchange or return on hold (save cart).

Scenario: Customer tells you they have an exchange/return and you start the transaction. They then change their mind and decide to shop more. 

Also there's no way to switch between an exchange and a straight return or vice versa. You have to go back and lose your progress.

Scenario: customer decides to do an exchange then changes their mind. Or they want to get a refund then change their mind and decide to shop more.