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I'm from Slovenia and our country laws required that we print :
- QR code
- some other generated code
- number of print copies
on every printed POS bill.

Is is possible to add this kind of attributies on every bill before it is printed? Idea for integration in something like this :
1) user will create new bill in Shopify POS
2) before print some our service will be called and it will generate and return all the data above. 
3) data will be printed on POS bill.

I check the API and forums and I didn't any solution for our problem.

Maybe much better solution would be :
1) user will create new bill in Shopify POS
2) Shopify webhooks will call our service. We will read all data for order and created our own printed bill
3) special mobile application will print the bill from our service.

Any good solution for our problem? Thank you.

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hello Matic, 

I would be happy to shed some light on customizing your Shopify POS receipts. 

I recommend you take a look at this app: Order Printer. This should allow you to create your own receipts. You may also want to talk about connecting to those "services" you mentioned with a Shopify Expert, a 3rd party developer who could build a custom integration for you. You can check out other POS compatible apps here: https://apps.shopify.com/collections/pos-apps?filter=all

Have a great day!

Have a great day, Dumitro R. Support Guru Shopify