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POS Pro Free Trial Ends Early if You Choose Lite.

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Shopify are asking people to choose NOW, if they want to use the Pro or Lite version at the end of the trial period.

But if you do choose the lite option, shopify changes you immediately to this version and stops all the Pro functionality. Not great when we are still unsure which version we want, but don't want to commit to the paid Pro version just yet.

This is despite all the blurb available telling you that no changes will be made until the end of October. (misleading to say the least)

So if you think you may wish to eventually switch to Lite - but are still not sure - you may as well wait until 31st October.



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how much is the lite version?  Also, how do you get it?  I only use POS to vend at a few popup events throughout the year, so only tried the new POS last weekend.  I didn't like it.  The little bit I tried seemed buggy and not well documented, so ... I reverted back to classic. 

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, @Steve123Thanks for your feedback!


Every merchant was granted full POS Pro functionality for free until October 31. This was intended to help those who were unsure of which option would be most beneficial to their business. It has allowed them to test out the Pro version in order to make their decision on which one to use once the POS Classic sunsets on November 1. We sent early reminders to merchants so that they wouldn't have disruption for their stores come October 31st when the Pro free trial ends.


The POS Pro and the POS Lite are each beneficial to two very different types of merchants. The POS Pro has been designed to serve the needs of merchants running larger, more complex brick and mortar retail operations. Existing features that have been included, as well as new ones, have been packaged together to provide a robust solution that meets those needs. The POS Lite, on the other hand, is a great free alternative for merchants who sell in person more casually, like at markets and fairs. If you are still undecided as to which version to use, there's a detailed view of the Pro features vs the Lite features on the POS Features page. I recommend taking a look at it. 


I hope that offers some clarity as to why there was an option to choose which version of the all-new POS, prior to the end of the Pro trial period.


@Sharon15, it sounds like the POS Lite is the best option for you, since you are mainly going to be using it at a few pop up events. The all-new POS Lite is free to use, and as I mentioned above, it has a lot of the core and basic features that you are used to in the Classic version.

Since the POS Classic will automatically be replaced by the all-new POS on November 1, there is no action you need to take if you want to use POS Lite; That's the default option. If you want the Pro subscription for any of your locations, you can do this from within your Shopify admin by going to 'Point of Sale Channel > Locations'.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know!

Helen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I am sorry but your reply is disingenuous to say the least and smacks of nothing more than a PR exercise. The alternative is you have no idea what it is like running a small to medium-sized retail outlet.


Here is the truth of the matter -  you say "The POS Pro has been designed to serve the needs of merchants running larger, more complex brick and mortar retail operations"  - So what about medium-sized bricks and mortar stores who are trying to grow? You have taken away some very basic functionality that used to be included in the Classic version - for instance being able to do a simple exchange.


So now for the right to do a very basic retail task of an exchange you want to charge me an extra $1068.

Functions that were free in Classic have been deliberately removed from the free Lite version in an attempt to coerce people into paying over $1000 per annum extra cost to their business. it is completely disingenuous to suggest otherwise.

besides this fact you have a stock control system that doesn't work properly, I am continually having to manually maintain the new system. And it does not work in real-time unless you close the app down and restart it, as I have to every time I add a delivery to the system via Admin.