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I have managed to change my product to display a Sale Price on my website using the Compare At option.

When I add the same product to the POS it just displays the Sale Price and not the Original Price, is there any way of doing this so that the customer can see both prices on the receipt?



Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Jenny! 

Hope you're having a great week so far and happy holidays! :) So currently with our POS there isn't the capability to display the Compare at Price and regular price on a receipt. The only way this could possibly be done currently is having the regular price appear on the POS, then adding in a discount through the system. This process is explained here. This will then show your customer they are receiving the discount.

Hope this gets you pointed in the right direction! If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out to the support team 24/7. 


Matt Sharpe l Shopify Guru

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I've made repeated requests over several months to display price and compare at price on the pos screen, pos receipt, and barcode labels.

Since online and pos share sale price and compare at price, Matt's suggestion means you can't display that online either.

I also think Matt (or his bosses) is not understanding the entire issue.  Many of us use the compare at price field for MSRP and the price field for our regular selling price.  Our regular selling price might be a percentage off of msrp or it might be a percentage above cost (which Shopify doesn't even consider).  This percentage may very well be different from product to product, which is why we need Shopify to handle that.  If I follow Matt's solution, I would also need a printout of the inventory with a field to indicate what discount to apply at POS and look that up for every product being purchased.

Plus, in-store, sometimes we give an additional discount to our customers.  That 's what they discount field is for.


FWIW, whenever I reach out to support, even though I state pos issues, they often give me answers that apply to online and not pos.