Reliable receipt printer connection bluetooth VS wifi printers

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Hello, please share your it possible to use multiple ipads with the wifi reciept printer since they are not directly connected (I assume)? Also, being that its not directly connected how well does the wifi printer work as compared to the bluetooth printer? Is the wifi slower to start printing? Also, which one more reliably reconnects to be able to start printing again? We take the ipads out of the store often and people in the store are not tech savvy so I am trying to figure out which printer will work best and the ipad automatically reconnecting back to it. I know that the ipads reliably reconnect to our wifi automatically when we come back in the store with them so I am ASSUMING (dangerous) that they will automatically be able to print since the printer will be there on the same wifi and always hooked up to the wifi (the printer stays in the store all the time, only the ipads leave)


Thank You for any advice you have or sharing your experience with either of the printers.


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I'm not familiar with the ability to connect lan to an iPad, but I've learned that if you want to connect one iPad to one register, use the bluetooth register. But, if you want to be able to connect more than one, you'd need to use wifi. However, be wary with multiple wifi printers. I've learned the hard way that they'll randomly connect to a different printer and print at that printer to the confusion of the cashiers. 

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I had tried for a day to connect my Star TSP 1433 111 W  printer following there instructions. Nothing works and nothing online that I could find. What is the correct way to do that? Mahalo for any help