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Retail POS Manual Returns

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We are a Brick and mortar gift shop. Customer service is No.1. Our policy is we return anything we sell, No questions. We also will not make the return a time consuming transaction.

Scenario, Customer wants to return a gift they received. No receipt. Purchaser paid cash and no idea of when purchase was made. No sale to attach item to.

Shopify does not allow manual returns. And only one refund per transaction. How do you complete this transaction?

I know you can issue a gift card via the admin on the computer. This take time, stops you at the register, sends to to the office, meanwhile you have other customers. Or you have to give your employees access to your admin which gives them access to your sales reports. (which is none of there business)

We switched from Clover POS because of other issues. But they did have a manual refund option. Currently we still subscribe to Clover just for this function. ($40 monthly)

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Definitely, this is something that needs to be addressed. It's been an issue being talked about for years and can't believe there isn't a solution for this.



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This morning I understand Shopify will not allow returns or exchanges unless you pay the $89 monthly fee with PRO.

Isn't this basic function of a business?

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Looked in the

Shopify changelog     Your source for recent updates

Going back one year. Not a single mention of adding this basic function. MANUAL RETURNS


Shopify you SUCK!

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You can't do manual returns in the $89 Pro version either.  Can't even find an app to work around this.  Sick to my stomach over this, we go live Feb 1 and have NO real solution that tracks sale tax or inventory correctly.  Dumbest thing ever for a POS to not have the ability to refund products. 

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They have no solution for when you switch systems with an existing store either. We had a client bring a return in that was purchased on our old system, two days after going live with Shopify and I was unable to issue the return. The accounting tracking for this system is shameful. I have no idea how to track our losses and account for them at year end. I'm starting an excel spreadsheet for all these myriad errors and lack of accountability in tracing the losses. This is not a full function POS yet, it's an online store with the ability to take payments in person. Hoping for some more basic features soon (manual returns, edit the monetary lines on purchase orders, see a FULL list of each client's purchases rather than just each invoice manually one by one, store credit, reloadable gift cards! and more).