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Shopify POS Cart Extension

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I'm in the process of moving an older custom built loyalty program to utilize the newer "POS Cart Extension" functionality. It seems like a great opportunity to enable more custom loyalty workflows which I was excited about. Unfortunately, it's proving to be more limiting than what I had built previously which just used the POS Embedded App SDK. Previously, our staff could add a customer to a cart, choose an option from the cart options to view the customers rewards balance and then apply rewards directly from there. If they had more rewards available than the cart value, it would only apply the rewards that matched the cart value. 

With this new functionality, it streamlines most of the heavy lifting that I was having to do on my own which is great but there's no way to know how what the actual value of items in the cart are which makes it mostly unusable. I realize I may be alone here but figured I'd surface it regardless.

Please feel free to let me know if I'm mistaken but from what I can tell...if a customer has $100 in rewards but the cart value is only $50. I really only have the option to apply the full $100 discount to the cart which would technically remove it from the customers reward balance. What'd I'd like to see is the opportunity to offer them to pay $50 using their rewards instead of the entire $100. The customer will certainly be disappointed when they realized we applied their entire $100 rewards to a $50 purchase. Alternatively, I'm guessing the thought is that I could offer incremental awards ($10, $25, $50, $100) and rely on the cashier to choose which is most appropriate but that leaves a lot of room for human error - nothing is keeping the cashier from hitting that $100 promotion and then the customer is in the same situation. It just feels like a lot is missing from this implementation - or, I just expected too much? Am I missing something? 

I guess I could apply the entire $100 and store some sort of information on the order to look it up at a later time and reconcile it behind the scenes - but that just feels gross. 

Is this the long term plan for the functionality? Or are there more updates coming that are worth knowing about? 

I'm surprised I haven't seen more people running into the same issue, this is the only other post that seems to be relevant:

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What's an extension?

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Anyone at Shopify have any insight here?