Shopify POS is very bug ridden now

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This is laughable that a POS system like this is even in production. And people are naive enough to pay for it. I use the Shopify ecom but the POS no, no, no. It would drive me crazy to pay for something that is in BETA testing. I have been testing the Shopify POS and it is unreliable. I wish Shopify POS worked, I would love to use it.  We have been in biz for 27 years and I use a DOS based POS, the barcode reader and receipt printer have never disconnected in 15 years. Reliable, never crashed, never lost any data.  Yet for me to advance I need to find a reasonably priced and reliable omnichannel system. Lightspeed has LAN based receipt printer connections issues as well and does not integrate that well with Shopify.  You would think POS systems would be tried and tested and bulletproof for production but I have not found a solution yet, Looking at WooPOS (if anyone has had any experience with it please let me know) it's ugly but has a lot of features, and integrates with Shopify without paying for a bridge. NOTE: it does not support Shopify gift cards last time I asked.  So for me, the workaround to Shopify POS is not to use it. However, if it was reliable and had standard/expected POS functions I would most definitely use it for the omnichannel experience I'm looking for, for my customers. To be fair to Shopify I love their ecom, they have nailed it and I would recommend it.