shopify pos system is a disaster.

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I purchased a Shopify Pos system. It consists of a 

Heckler . H225  cash drawer 

Star  Tsp143IIIW  printer

Apple ipad


It worked for about three months and then nothing. Star had me reboot the printer 3 times, still no good. I can't open up the cash drawer from the ipad or print anything. I have talk to Star and Shopify. Shopify support is non existent and after spending a lot of money I still do not have an operating cash drawer or a receipt printer. Help!

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Did you read through the recent post that's along the lines of what you are experiencing?


In short, the best options are to ensure you are on the latest iOS and Shopify POS versions. If that doesn't restore communication then you can always delete the Shopify POS and reinstall it via the App Store. This has reportedly done the trick.


There should be some sort of advisory either in the main Shopify website or via e-mail to the registered customer base. I don't recall seeing either frankly, but based on what I'm seeing here I think it would be wise. 😕


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After spending a great deal of money to purchase the Shopify pos system I find the support is non existent.
Today I tried to purchase a cash drawer cable. Shopify has no explanation that makes
any sense so here is the explanation regarding a Cash Drawer Cable. There are two cables available from Amazon.
RJ45 (8 pins) and RJ12 (6 pins). One cable goes from RJ45 to RJ12, the other is RJ12 on both ends.
we needed the RJ12 6 pin version and the reason the cable is marked printer-cash drawer
is because line #5 of the 6 is not connected at the cash drawer side. Jerry

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just to be clear, you had the wrong hardware?

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No I just purchased the marked cable from Amazon. Shopify first sent me an unmarked cable. After lots of back and forth the system still does not work correctly. I had the Star wifi printer team on the phone for 2 hours. They updated and check everything. The system can print receipts and open the cash drawer but can not communicate with Shopify. That is where I'm at after spending a lot of money and being down for months.