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Shopify POS terrible performance

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Hi, we've been using Shopify POS for a bit over a year now on a couple of iPad Pro 9.7"'s and recently our catalog of products has been growing quite a bit and the performance on the app is abysmally slow. Whenever an employee starts entering a pin the whole app becomes unresponsive for a number of seconds before loading the whole pin at once, then becomes unresponsive for another few seconds before the products load, and occasionally when we use our barcode scanner it lags quite a bit. It's become such a frustrating bottleneck in our operation. We've tried wiping the iPads and re-installing the app and nothing helped. We also run another app on the iPad's frequently at the same time, we noticed that was impacting the performance of both apps so we started closing the one we're not using and that helped a bit but Shopify POS is still crazy slow to use. This model iPad has 2GB of memory which I guess isn't a lot, but was pretty much the most capable iPad when it came out, I  just want to make sure that new hardware will make a difference.

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