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Shopify POS won't solve your inventory problems

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Any item on your Shopify POS sales channel can be purchased thru the POS...regardless of inventory...even if it's out of stock. 

Not having the option to control sales in the POS defeats the purpose linking POS and online sales to the same inventory. 

Support acknowledges this is an issue (and has been for over 3 years), but no ETA for a fix and no workaround that would actually work in a real-world brick & mortar.

Anybody got a realistic solution?

And/or any Shopify reps able to provide some real info on the ETA for fixing this?

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Shopify doesn't give a ****. All concerns and comments go into the great black hole. I've been asking when we will have manual returns for a year. Crickets Crickets Crickets Crickets Crickets Crickets

Personally, I don't think they understand retail Brick and Mortar. There platform from web was a workaround to POS. A few bandaids and goodbye, goodluck.

If I could get the funding I would start my own web/POS platform. Just read the form and you quickly see all the problems.

Sorry for the rant, but shopify is very frustrating!

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Sadly, I have to agree, Shopify seem less concerned with fixing the nuts and bolts reality of using their platform.

They seem like good people but there's zero visibility on issues which cause daily frustration and confusion.

In fact, there's often not even any acknowledgment there's an issue - one support person on this forum accused me of just airing grievances. No joke.

Shopify is now an impenetrable wall of bureaucracy and using it is becoming more and more of a daily frustration - it's the little stuff, ya know?