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Shopify Recommendations for Retail and Website

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Hello - I am in the process of opening a small retail store. Because of the current COVID crisis I'll be offering shopping in-store as well as online shopping. Shopify seems like the perfect system to handle inventory/shipping/website and POS but I was unclear as to what I need to opt in to in order to have a functioning Shopify website as well as a POS system in-store that all work together. To confirm - this is a very small artisan shop that will have a low amount of daily customers, so looking at the high price tag of the PRO version seems like it would be too much. But, does the Basic Shopify or Shopify include the software/capability of:

- Website Hosting

- POS (does this scan only barcodes or can I manually enter items)

- Processing Credit Cards

- Inventory


Note that this is a one person only deal so I don't need to have additional log-ins for staff.

Any advice from those who have a shopify website AND retail setup on the cheap and how they do it would be appreciated. I love the look of what the higher priced packages have to offer but this is going to be a bare bones business for the foreseeable future and I'd rather not spend a ton of money.

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