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Stocky and Receiving stock

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I can't be the only one with this issue.  Apparently in stocky - you have to recreate a purchase order for the items that will come in another shipment and another invoice.  So if you get multiple shipments for the same Purchase order - you have to remove the items that were not on the invoice and create a new purchase order to put those items in.   IT is very rare that a supplier will ship you perfectly a purchase order.  Why is this not basic stocky???

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We are currently using QB to build our Purchase Orders, mostly because the company/person we hired to set up our shop did a really terrible job of it, so none of our items in Shopify/Stocky have the manufacturers item numbers in. As soon as we get that part sorted out the issue then just comes down to the terrible design in Stocky.

I liked your idea of building the PO in Stocky and copying it then removing any items that didn't arrive, and merging them together after printing the receiving. Quite a shame it's taking the dev team this long to even add a basic filter option like this. Disappointing for sure.


Edited to add: on top of being forced to download the PO every time instead of just giving us a print button. Who are these devs?

We also use QB to print tags because the Shopify folks can't seem to figure out why Stocky won't print labels built with Dymo Connect v They're still operating on