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Store with multiple locations and only one shipping location

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My store has two locations (both do local pick up) and we only ship out of one location. I really do not want to utilize an app for our local pick up because I like on the orders page how we can easily see where orders are for (what location, or if it is shipping) and I've used apps like Zapiet's Local Pick Up and it was nothing but issues for our particular store, and Shopify finally seems to be getting the hang of things for local pick up (although, extremely late to the game and is still lacking A TON of capabilities).

I have an app installed on each product page it lets the customer see the product availability for each location, that seems to be working fine (although, I wish they could see this information right on the cart page too, but I'm probably dreaming here...).

For shipping orders it should only be fulfilling orders with products that are available in one location, yet if that location does not have it, it still letting the customer purchase the product because it sees our location has it, and is putting our shipping locations inventory into the negative (even though it's not supposed to sell after selling out). This would be fine and dandy if our locations were close together, but they arent.

I'd be interested to hear how other stores with multiple locations and this same sort of set up work 🙂

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Hi! I'm responding as a follow up to this issue you were having. I'm currently having the same issue as well. Were you able to find a solution to this issue? Thanks.

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We have 1 retail location and a warehouse with all backstock. We found that although we can sell out of the warehouse we cannot do curbside pick-up. The system gets confused an will not allow the customer to check out because of the locations. It will not let us fulfill orders pick-up orders to one location.